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SitRepAI provides select clients access to custom tools to explore and exploit the business intelligence inherent in the billions of features we find each month in the world's news and social media platforms. This knowledge is used by our clients to predict movements in securities, understand trends in topics of concern among consumers or voters, and leverage the news for business planning.

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ClearDatum created this site. No human being curates or formats the news stories presented here. The goal is to present the news by topic and theme, letting the actual content drive the presentation. The articles are selected from a pool of approximately 500,000 recent articles; they are grouped together by semantic affinity. How we present news enables the reader to find and focus on what is important to him.

This site showcases a small fraction of what we do around the clock to reduce the chaotic global information stream to useful knowledge. We harvest and create tens of millions of social, political, and economic data points daily, constructing thousands of features that may be used to describe, understand, and predict.